JOSÉ BUENAGU's intellectual and artistic restlessness has led him to develope his activity in various fields throughout an extensive career, which began with a 1st Prize and an Extraordinary Prize, unanimously, from the Madrid Royal Conservatory of Music. He expanded his training with a scholarship for several years to study orchestral conducting in Italy under Franco Ferrara and later in France with Ennys Djemil. In the meantime, he received composition advices from of Salvador Bacarisse. In his youth, he was the creator of the University of Madrid Chamber Orchestra. Then, he was associate conductor of the Saint-Briuec Orchestra (France), until his definitive leap to Latin America as a guest in some of his countries. In 1969, he established his residence in Colombia when he became the artistic director of the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra, position which he had to cease in 1979 due to a serious health problem that would almost definitely remove him from conducting activities.
As a composer, some international soloists have included his works in concerts and commercial recordings in countries from 4 continents. Besides, he was awarded the Spanish National Award, Award of the Circle of Film Writers, Award at the Santander International Festival and at the Mar de Plata International Festival.
He was awarded the Fullbright scholarship with which he carried out research for a year and a half in the USA on the orchestral music of Latin America. Then, he served as a concert producer on TVE and as a creator of cultured music programs on National Radio and Television of Spain.
He has appeared as a conductor and/or composer on record labels such as RCA, Phillips, Sony Clasica, Deutsche Grammophon, EMI Records, Hispavox, Musical Heritage, among others. His reconstruction of the Symphony in DO (1770) by Mariana Martínez won the National Recording Award in Spain.


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