About us

An innovative vision of music production

Are you a composer? Do you want to record and publish your music?

We open new horizons. We launch a new line of composers. We rescue little-performed historical repertoire of great cultural value, and we enhance the visibility of our colleagues.

Young talent

We bet on young talents. We create, record and produce your recording project, boosting your career as a pianist or composer.

Technology and Innovation

Thanks to our technology, the time and costs of your recording are reduced, always offering you the best sound quality. You will feel as part of the production process.


We are aware of how important your visibility is within the music industry. For this reason, we have the best SEO strategies to achieve optimized positioning on the leading digital platforms. We guarantee listeners all over the world.

What do we offer you?

At Novus Promusica we want to offer you everything you need to boost your career and your artist profile.

Quality and excellence

Thanks to our innovative technology, we put the best sound quality at your disposal so that your music is heard as it deserves.

Visibility and diffusion

Presence in specialized playlists. Our artists have been in the top 30 on Spotify for several weeks, connecting with tens of thousands of listeners around the world. In addition, they have been promoted in national media such as RNE.

Efficiency and accessibility

You can record in one of our studios in Madrid or with Novus Remote technology from home. You choose. You will always have our technical support to make the process simple and efficient.


Novus Promusica has studios in Madrid. You can also record yourself from home, or from an authorized dealer, with our Novus Remote technology.

To record with Novus Remote you only need to connect your computer or a mobile phone to your digital piano or with a “silent” system and have an Internet connection. We will give you the necessary instructions so that you can record yourself with us.

We have no duration restrictions, you can record as long as you want. From a 5 minutes single, to an EP or an album (which we recommend to be about 40 minutes).

Of course. Even so, you will always have the musicological advice of our experts to maximize your artistic project.

Don't worry if you don't have an artist profile on Spotify. We take care of the register and management of your profile on digital platforms, to which you can access to personalize it and be able to view the progress of your project.

We will teach you how to use the applications that allow you to know your listeners. We will also send you personalized periodic reports.

Yes, the image of our artists is very important to us, so we take care of the design of both the cover art and the marketing plan on social networks and the website, based on the material you send us and your suggestions to get closer to the image of artist you have in mind.

On all reference platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Deezer, Youtube, among others.

Although we do not produce physical CDs, just digital streaming platforms, we will make the recording available to you in the appropriate format so that you can incorporate it into a CD according to your artistic needs.

Of course. We carry out a personalized marketing plan for each artist, meeting their needs and their project.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions.